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Washington State University Institute of Materials Research

John McCloy

Dr. John S. McCloy is currently Professor in the School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering (MME) at Washington State University, in Pullman, Washington, USA. In 2020 he became the Interim Director of the Institute of Materials Research (IMR) at WSU. He is also a Visiting Professor of Nuclear Materials at the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, where he was a Fulbright Scholar in Fall 2019. He is an American Ceramic Society Fellow and recipient of the Richard M. Fulrath award in 2018 promoting US-Japan collaboration. From 2017-2020 he was the Director of the Materials Science & Engineering PhD program at WSU. Additionally, he remains a joint appointee at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory where he is Chief Scientist. 

McCloy holds a BS (MSE) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and MS (MSE), MA (Anthropology), and PhD (MSE) degrees from the University of Arizona. From 2008-2013 he was with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. From 2000-2008 he held various engineering roles with Raytheon in Tucson, Arizona.  Prof. McCloy is an author on >180 technical publications, including >125 journal articles, 1 book, and 3 patents. 

“My diverse background has given me broad technical experience, but fundamentally I see the world through the lens of a classically trained materials scientist. My materials interests are in nuclear, optical, magnetic, and electronic properties, and structural characterization techniques for ceramics and glasses. Over the years I have worked in cryogenics, infrared optical ceramics and glasses, radiation detectors, nuclear waste forms, magnetic nanoparticles, nuclear steels, and solar materials. I often collaborate with mechanical, electrical, and nuclear engineers, geologists, chemists, and physicists, as we have overlapping interest areas.”