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Washington State University Institute of Materials Research

Santosh Swain


I am a research assistant professor at IMR. I got my PhD in Physics from Washington State University, Pullman.

My research interests include bulk crystal growth and defects in compound semiconductors. At IMR I currently study CdTe and related alloys, Gallium oxide, materials that are useful in medical imaging, photovoltaics, nuclear medicine, power electronics.

Selected publications:

McCoy et. Al (2020), Effect of excess Te on flux inclusion formation in the growth of cadmium zinc telluride when forced melt convection is applied, Journal of Crystal Growth 535, 125542.

Saleh. et. Al (2019), Electrical and optical properties of Zr doped β-Ga2O3 single crystals, Applied Physics Express 12, 085502.

McCoy et. Al, (2018), p-type doping efficiency in CdTe: Influence of second phase formation, Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 123, Iss. 16, p. 161579.

Ablekim et. Al, (2017), Self-compensation in arsenic doping of CdTe, Scientific Reports 7 (1), 4563.

Burst et. Al, (2016), CdTe Solar cell with open-circuit voltage breaking the 1V barrier, Nature Energy, 1, 16015.